Intelligent Lighting

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It is important to create the right atmosphere in the room, this is done with the use of controlled lighting fixtures to manipulate and focus on particular areas.

LED Venue Lighting

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From the moment your guests walk in, all the way up until watching your special day on DVD, continue to be amazed by the ambience created with these powerful lighting fixtures. Having various options to be fully controlled.

Laser Lighting

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With the ability to create various animations and add text, laser shows enhance your light show and exhilarate the mood by creating the ultimate club scene on your dance floor.

LED Wash moving heads

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With the choice of millions of colours, these create an immense impact to the whole room by drowning out all dark patches and adding light to complement the existing lightshow.

Custom Gobo Projection

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A custom designed stencil or template placed inside a light source to control the shape of emitted light. Used alongside stage lighting to cast over a space. A slick special touch added to your event.

Production Lighting

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Also known as stage lighting is the craft of lighting as it applies to the production of theatre, dance, performance arts, etc. be the stars of the show and wow your guests with this amazing production lighting effect.

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