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Maharaja Music’s very own Deeps & Jas make their musical debut this April 2013, on the Shaheedi Series brought to you by Immortal Productions.

The Shaheedi Series, an annual release around the religious festival of Vaisakhi, features educational music content, to connect with people that would not necessarily be able to connect with or understand traditional methods of Sikh teachings 11th April 2013, titled ‘Gadar Di Goonj’ translating ‘Roar of Rebellion’ which features artists such as, Surinder Shinda, Bakshi Billa, Tigerstyle, Gupsy Aujla, Manni Sandhu and many more. However this year also introducing the powerful vocals of Sukhi Singh in ‘Panjabi’ with the music production by our very own Deeps & Jas from Maharaja Music.

Many years in the making, Deeps & Jas have taken their time to get their music right and what better way to begin their musical career than to donate this song ‘Panjabi’ to the latest Shaheedi Series album by immortal productions dedicated to a non profitable project.

Paying special attention to sound and quality, this particular song written by Jagga Nikkuwalia and chosen by the lads to be sung by Sukhi Singh, Panjabi highlights the Kurbania/Sacrifices by Panjabi’s. The album release date now set will be available worldwide from the 11th April as a digital copy via iTunes and also hardcopies will be on sale via Immortal Productions. So do make sure to download your very own copy

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