January 2016


My passion for music comes from within; to be able to present that passion takes skill. Skill can only be presented by a few

Kam started his musical career learning and performing the Dhol from a young age. This interest in music quickly grew and from the age of 15 when he began to work alongside DJ Deeps; it was from here his interest in music, performance and mixing music took off.

Now all he wanted, was to perfect his art of mixing and scratching on his turntables, and soon became a DJ that not only could rock a dance floor but one that could put on a real head turning performance.

He has now built many years of experience to outlay a unique style of performance in order to set himself aside from others. His creativity and professionalism has allowed him to become one of Maharaja’s valuable assets. Not only is his charming personality a pleasure to encounter but also a true reflection on Maharaja’s charismatic approach.

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Kam does not just DJ he Performs, and leaves each event marking memorable moments for his audience. From August 2013, Kam has been signed by Maharaja Music to continue his journey where on a weekly basis he is out performing to the masses in some of the most prestigious venues around the country.

Since joining Maharaja, Kam has enhanced his mixing and hosting skills. With his passion and professional approach to music and events, Kam now brings a truly innovative style for all events.

Call 020 3005 4894 to book DJ Kam for your event.



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The beginning of this New Year sees the introduction of Deeps & Jas’s musical adventure ‘Maharajas’.

Brothers Deeps & Jas, are born and bred from London and are already known for their unique DJ styles under the DJ company ‘Maharaja Music’.  They have grown up listening to all different genres of music, which can be heard from dance floor to dance floor in their versatile DJ sets.

Before creating music through live DJ mixing, they were first introduced to music at young ages through instruments. Deeps at a young tender age of 5 started learning how to play the Tabla and Jas also followed in the footsteps of his older brother learning and following music. Both brothers took an interest in the Dhol (percussion instrument originating from Punjab) and started learning how to play, developing a great passion for the instrument and performing at some of the most prestigious venues here in the UK. The duo were then introduced to the DJing world as they both played dhol alongside DJ sets. Being around music on a regular basis at events lead to a growing interest in music production and engineering. The Maharajas are now looking to bring a fusion sound of different genres which they have performed at numerous events and seen great reactions from audiences together with traditional sounds of desi music and instruments.

Having been given the title ‘Maharajas’ from supporters, this now is the title being used by the duo as producers to honor and bring a new sound to the dance floors. The duo will be continuing to DJ, host events and now also be producing new music.

Some words from the duo:

“It’s been a dream to produce music from scratch for people to enjoy and feel the emotions we do when playing good music out to audiences around the globe. Our AV/DJ Roadshow company ‘Maharaja Music’ has given us the opportunity to travel around the world and play, where we have truly learnt so much about music, which has inspired us to produce our own to share with you all”

“It’s been 5 years in the making of this album, but a lifetime of passion and learning.

We’ve always been in music; from as far back as I can remember. This is just the next step for us, which was inevitable. Mixing different genres creating new music has become normal as we do this regularly, creating new music from fresh has been an amazing journey so far and cannot wait to share this.”

“Before we begin this journey, we’d like to thank the Almighty for firstly making our dreams possible. Secondly, our families for putting up with our unusual timings and schedules. Not forgetting our friends, industry associates, the team at Maharaja Music/AV, and any one else we may have forgotten who has been there for us up until now.”
Deeps & Jas.

The past five years have seen a lot of work from the pair, going from studio to studio and working with songwriters, singers and musicians. And very soon, announcements will be made of their very first release. In the meantime you can keep up to date with them while they tell their story of the journey so far on the social platforms below.


DJ Deeps & DJ Jas (Maharajas) are available for booking, please contact:
0203 005 4894





Thank you all for your continued love and support

While we get back to work, planning and prepping for an amazing year ahead. Just had a review of some of the events from 2015 and wow.. what a year it was!

Looking forward to working with some of the industries finest and seeing you all on the dance floors soon!

Wishing all of our friends, family and clients a Happy New Year. Wishing you all the best for 2016.

From all of the team at Maharaja

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