April 2013

Maharaja Music’s very own Deeps & Jas make their musical debut this April 2013, on the Shaheedi Series brought to you by Immortal Productions.

The Shaheedi Series, an annual release around the religious festival of Vaisakhi, features educational music content, to connect with people that would not necessarily be able to connect with or understand traditional methods of Sikh teachings 11th April 2013, titled ‘Gadar Di Goonj’ translating ‘Roar of Rebellion’ which features artists such as, Surinder Shinda, Bakshi Billa, Tigerstyle, Gupsy Aujla, Manni Sandhu and many more. However this year also introducing the powerful vocals of Sukhi Singh in ‘Panjabi’ with the music production by our very own Deeps & Jas from Maharaja Music.

Many years in the making, Deeps & Jas have taken their time to get their music right and what better way to begin their musical career than to donate this song ‘Panjabi’ to the latest Shaheedi Series album by immortal productions dedicated to a non profitable project.

Paying special attention to sound and quality, this particular song written by Jagga Nikkuwalia and chosen by the lads to be sung by Sukhi Singh, Panjabi highlights the Kurbania/Sacrifices by Panjabi’s. The album release date now set will be available worldwide from the 11th April as a digital copy via iTunes and also hardcopies will be on sale via Immortal Productions. So do make sure to download your very own copy

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It may not feel it just yet but the season of spring is upon us and summer secretly approaching. It is inevitable that you will have some invitations for a wedding whether it be family, friends or are you lucky enough that this time it is your turn??

So much to think about, so many options, and with everything going on, so short of time? Another year, another season, but a brand new Bride and Groom waiting to experience what will be the most spectacular event of their lives. Why not follow the Maharaja 5 step wedding plan – to a perfect wedding.

The dream: Every Bride dreams of her own fairytale wedding and secretly every groom dreams of his out of the box stylish wedding. But just how easy is it making all of this possible? Whilst you concentrate on the marriage and your guests, doesn’t letting someone else taking care of the wedding day sound so pleasing.

The call: Make the first step by making that Call to Maharaja. Let the professionals guide you through the path of planning. Be prepared to hear about endless potentials and get that one step closer to creating your dream wedding day. Check out the list of services on our website that interest you the most and mention them to the Team at Maharaja Music so they can set the scene.

Consultation: This is all about you! Maharaja, like to get to know their clients. Where did you meet, what do u like, what don’t you like? This helps us to start constructing a package exclusively for you. We believe every couple is different and their wedding day should be a true reflection on what the couple are like together. We can spice things up and build the funkiest package, or mellow things down keeping it sweet and subtle. Maharaja will come to you with a variety of different options and heaps of genuine excitement to start things rolling and provide you with endless options. Our main focus being the ambience and soundtrack to your event so it is important to know what sounds please your ears so we can give you exactly what you have dreamt of.

Let’s plan: So now you’ve dreamt, made the first call and we have discussed with each other, so let’s get it down on paper, draw it, write it, discuss it. However you like it, as long as we know what we’ve planned is what you have in mind. Having a wide range of suppliers which we work with and recommend for any additional needs you may have makes it possible to put together different variations of bespoke packages. We also work extremely well with any of your chosen external suppliers, allowing things to run that much smoother. Maharaja do not just book your date in our diary and turn up on the day, we are in contact with you prior to your occasion to ensure you are happy, comfortable and are ready to rock this party in full swing. We’re as excited as you are!

The BIG day: The most amazing and memorable day of your lives has finally arrived. You have hardly slept, feeling a little nervous, can’t wait to see each other, and are so eager to experience each moment. Everything is set in its place, the atmosphere is incredible, your guests are comfortable and stunned, the ambience is amazing, and your event is picture perfect. Why? Because it’s all about you. You dream it, you chose it, you prepare the plan and we helped you do it.

So why not tell us all about your dream today: contact us on 020 3005 4894 to speak to one of our experienced planners. Be entertained as Royals by Maharaja Music at your Big event.